After her term ended in 2018, Aldana, who had strong public backing, decided to run for the presidency. Unsurprisingly, her actions as attorney general had not pleased Guatemala’s political and economic elite, resulting in charges of corruption and embezzlement being filed against her. Due to these accusations – which are commonly used as legal weapons by the elite – Aldana’s presidential candidacy was refused. She too fled, to the United States, where she was granted asylum in February 2020.

She is only the second indigenous person in Guatemala to run for president, after Rigoberta Menchu. While Spain may be unable to extradite the accused, international arrest warrants at least prevent them leaving Guatemala. Pressure from Madrid has forced Guatemalan courts to start trying human rights cases from the war. In the meantime, the courage of these women, who face rejection for speaking the truth, will help others who suffer rape as a weapon Dating Guatemala City of war to become more visible. The investigating magistrate Santiago Pedraz said on Wednesday the rapes appeared to be part of a campaign of terror designed to destroy Mayan society – with soldiers instructed to carry them out. Although the use of non-mental health specialists is a potentially low-cost strategy to increase women’s access to evidence-based psychosocial care, its sustainability and scalability will need to be further explored .

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  • This project focuses on gender inclusiveness and women’s empowerment within Cooperativo Agrícola Integral Acatenango.
  • Only in one periurban community did women oppose the sessions on inter-partner violence and reproductive health.
  • Mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of the disappeared were the first who dared to challenge the institutionalized violence plaguing the country.
  • In the week preceding sessions, circle leaders joined a practice round.

The increased militarization of Guatemala has resulted in abuse and mistreatment of the people of Guatemala. Militarism spreads a perception of brutality and makes it easier to access weapons, which makes the rates of domestic violence against women go up. Guatemala's military has a substantial history of human rights violations. Murders, torture, and missing people became a daily reality for people in Guatemala.

Of the 95 cases heard on regular courts only 5 firm sentences were issued, and a total of 21 convictions. The Judiciary Body still has a lot to achieve due to the fact that the regular courts don´t have the right approach to cases of violence against women and the specialized courts have limited coverage. One reparation measure that has had some traction is the free mobile health clinic, which serves 70 – 80 people every day. Many women from my community have received medicine, but there are sicknesses that cannot be treated here…we dream of a hospital that can treat all our illnesses,” explained Rosario Xo, one of the abuelas. In 2011, 15 women survivors of Sepur Zarco—now respectfully called the abuelas —took their case to the highest court of Guatemala, with the support of local women’s rights organizations, UN Women and other UN partners.

The Guatemala Marriage Diaries

AMC reviewed both analyses and extracted key dimensions and quotes for publication. The cumulative number of activities was used as a continuous variable for analyses. Only women who had a child under 2 years old participated in this questionnaire. A higher score indicates greater involvement in early infant stimulation activities. Post-intervention, a trained, bilingual Mam-Spanish female interviewer conducted in-depth interviews of 14 circle leaders and of two women participants in each of the seven communities still participating in the intervention, after obtaining informed consent.

Her new confidence also helped her, as Coordinator of the Youth Commission of the Permanent Forum of Political Parties, contribute to gathering a series of recommendations and suggestions from young people from across the political spectrum. These were used as input to Guatemala’s existing National Law on Youth. A woman shows off her woven textiles for sale on the streets of downtown Antigua Guatemala. Famous for its well-preserved Spanish baroque architecture as well as a number of ruins from earthquakes, Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and former capital of Guatemala.A woman shows off her woven textiles for sale on the streets of downtown Antigua Guatemala. Famous for its well-preserved Spanish baroque architecture as well as a number of ruins from earthquakes, Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and former capital of Guatemala. Two older adult Guatemalan women sitting on a wall outside their home in Totonicapan in traditional dress.Two older adult Guatemalan women sitting on a wall outside their home in Totonicapan in traditional dress.

DMMs also promote dialogue between women’s organizations and municipalities to work on municipal equity policies and help strengthen the role of women’s organizations. The court also held that the Guatemalan state had to provide collective reparations for the benefits of the village of Sepur Zarco and the surrounding villages. In the area for economic empowerment of women, UN Women will join efforts with WFP, FAO and IFAD to strengthen gender policies in the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the economic empowerment of women and food security. Within the Global Compact Framework a partnership will be established with UNDP to promote the adherence of the private sector to the women’s empowerment principles. The organized private sector, especially the Chambers of Commerce, are strategic allies for the promotion of WEPs as well as towards strengthening the capacities of rural women entrepreneurs.

Understanding Guatemalan Ladies

However, it can intervene indirectly by reprimanding a police officer for having been remiss in his obligation to act in a case of domestic violence. In most cases a woman who turns directly to the MINUGUA offices for help will be referred to the GGM or to the public prosecutor's office. Débora also argues that besides the very low rate of literacy among indigenous women in Guatemala, one of the most relevant obstacles to access to justice is the lack of translators to their mother tongue in the legal system . She then became involved with the case of 11 women who had been gang raped during forced evictions carried out by police, military, and the mining company’s private security forces in El Estor . It’s the first time in history that Guatemalan indigenous people – women in this case ­– are heard both at national and international levels. A small country located within Central America, south of Mexico, Guatemala has one of the highest rates of femicide globally. Femicide is a threat against women’s rights in Guatemala, where femicide results in the killing of women for the sole reason that the person is female.

"This trial will help open a debate about feminicide, because the lack of justice actually contributes to increasing gender violence," says Bernabeu. "There are times when foreign or international courts are the only recourse for victims, since they can get no justice in their own country," she says. This study illustrates the feasibility of a holistic, community-based, peer-led psychosocial intervention for indigenous women in Latin America. Research findings with Maya mothers in Guatemala suggest that women’s groups can be leveraged as a critical space where mothers can engage in concrete actions to transform their lives. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of paired group leadership of a group psychosocial intervention aiming to represent both formal and informal health systems, and of traditional midwives acting as delivery-agents. The systemic neglect of the role of traditional culture in health has been described as the single biggest barrier to advancement of the highest attainable standard of health worldwide, especially among marginalized groups .

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Linear regression with mixed effects was used to evaluate the effect of vitamin supplementation and method of dose delivery on infant vitamin intakes. The infants averaged (mean ± SD) 5.7 ± 1.0 feeding episodes during the 8-h clinic visits and consumed 38.2 ± 14.6 mL/feed. One outlier was identified in a sensitivity analysis of infant cobalamin intake and 1 outlier was identified in infant niacin intake, and they were excluded from the final model for each nutrient. To normalize the distribution of outcome variables, log transformations were applied to milk AUC, milk mean, and infant intake of riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxal, and thiamin. Square root transformations were applied to milk AUC, milk mean, fasted baseline milk, and infant intake of cobalamin, and log transformations to plasma cobalamin.

Unfortunately, Porras is not the first woman within Guatemala’s judiciary to face harassment or be exiled as a result of their commitment to fighting impunity and upholding the rule of law. Porras has faced numerous obstacles to her work, threatening the principle of judicial independence, which is crucial to the rule of law in democratic society. Law enforcement often fails to investigate in a timely manner, and blames the victims of the case. Many women abandon their cases because the stress and hardship put onto them.

By creating and managing a group of women translators Lucrecia is helping Qecqchi women get the vital medical care they need. As Guatemala recovers from the destruction of schools during the civil war, the number of people who can read is increasing. However, while government-run schools are free to attend, ‘hidden’ costs like uniforms, books and transport mean that education is often unaffordable for the poorest families.

The illegal transporting and sexual assault of migrants from Latin America to the United States is a problem. "This sets a precedent for national courts around the world. Hopefully we will now see how it spreads to other countries from Spain," says Soria. "Society puts the rape and torture of woman on a par with stealing cattle or burning crops. This must change, and these women have to stop being invisible." The family of a young Guatemalan woman believed to be among 19 victims of a massacre in northern Mexico is urging the Mexican government to bring those responsible to justice. Finally, the pilot was conducted within a specific context and we need to use caution in generalizing findings to other settings.